Health Equity Hsa Custodial Agreement

Effective October 4, 2019, Southern First resigns as custodian of your Health Savings Account (HSA) and HealthEquity becomes the new custodian bank. We are writing to inform you of the transition and provide you with information about moving your HSA from Southern First to HealthEquity. You can create employer-sponsored programs tailored to your individual performance needs. From fitness and lifestyle programs to health and education, we help you prioritize the well-being of your staff. In the coming weeks, be sure to email your HealthEquity Welcome Kit containing the new on-call contract and your new HealthEquity debit card*. The healthEquity childcare agreement and any additional information can also be found at HealthEquity offers an FSA solution that allows you to maximize your healthcare offering. RHAs help reduce the employer`s tax debt and help employees cope with rising health care costs. The calendar below contains important information that you need to know before and during the switch to HealthEquity. Please read this information carefully and keep it for future reference. Further information can be found at

All contributions must be forwarded to HealthEquity for processing. HealthEquity continues Southern First`s fee schedule, which does not introduce a monthly account maintenance fee on your HSA. We believe HealthEquity`s robust service and investment platform and highly valued customer service will nurture good service to our customers. We are pleased to inform you that Southern First is located with HealthEquity, Inc. (NASDAQ: HQY), a Health Savings Account (HSA) custodian and one of the country`s leading HSA administrators, to enhance your HSA experience! If you have any questions about this transition regarding your new HSA, please contact HealthEquity at 866-346-5800. From trains and buses to ferries and carpools, we have the serenity of the team for your team. If you do not choose any of the above options, you accept HealthEquity as the new custodian of your HSA and your account will be automatically transferred to HealthEquity. All pending payment items that attempt to delete are sent to Health Equity to process and determine authorization.

The funds will be available at HealthEquity on 10.05.2019. They will receive a final statement from Southern First`s HSA at the end of January 2020, which reflects all transactions that took place before moving to HealthEquity. In addition, Southern First provides fiscal year 2019 documents for the period during which we took care of your HSA. HealthEquity will prepare tax reports for the remaining portion of fiscal 2019. Last day to use your Southern First HSA debit card. Southern First and HealthEquity work closely together to make your HSA transition smooth and positive. Access and use of the account is not available as account balances are transferred to your HealthEquity HSA. COBRA contains complex rules and rules that are difficult to navigate. Do not risk being non-respected. Let HealthEquity manage your COBRA program and ensure continuity of services for your employees. Simplify management with direct counting. Simply manage direct billing surcharges, terminations and activity reports via our convenient portal.

Health care costs continue to rise and the pension gap continues to widen. Push back these trends with a HealthEquity HSA program. Our ECDRA solutions allow you to cover eligible expenses in the event of a disaster on a potentially tax-exempt basis. We handle everything – from claims, judgments to payments and reports – so you have more time to spend what`s most important. EcDRA Tax Relief allows you to make available to employees tax-exempt funds for eligible disaster-related expenses, including: • Appropriate and necessary personal, family, living or funeral expenses • Medical, temporary house and transportation expenses If you do not want your HSA to automatically switch to HealthEquity, you must liquidate your account by 10/03/2019 with one of the following options or a surwe close your account: We are confident that HealthEquity will provide you with the same high level of service and support that you know and expect.. . . .