Qualtrics Service Level Agreement

For centralized support, e-mail qualtrics@bap.ucsb.edu For provider support, e-mail-support@qualtrics.com or call 1-800-340-9194 With a campus license on ucsb.qualtrics.com with your UCSBNetID and password. Qualtrics Research Core is a web survey platform for the production, publication and analysis of survey data available to support university teaching and research. The Qualtrics survey platform is highly customizable and offers extensive questions and the opportunity to work with others. With a UIC Qualtrics account, you can conduct surveys with an unlimited number of responses. When you leave UIC, your data may be migrated to another Qualtrics account or transferred to another person within the university. Qualtrics functions include: Qualtrics is a web-based collection tool that is used to conduct surveys, analyze responses and conduct data search activities. UCSB faculties, students, staff, teachers and career researchers can obtain a Qualtrics campus license for research and education purposes. A valid IUC netID and a common password are required to create and manage surveys. First users are asked to create a new account or import data from an existing Qualtrics account. Qualtrics offers a range of products beyond the core of research. UIC`s corporate license includes only the following components within the Research Core: University Branded URL and Theme, Single Sign On, Advanced Question Types and SMS Surveys. In addition, SSO users receive integrated access and access to the UCSB brand, centralized Qualtrics support and vendor support.

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