Grant Agreement Amendments

This clause is optional. Legally, no changes are required (since short names have no legal value and serve only as simple identifiers in the grant agreement and computer tools). However, at56 allows recipients to correct their short name in a grant agreement without having to initiate changes for other reasons. This course guides you through key stages of the grant preparation process and provides an overview of changes to the Horizon 2020 grant agreement. Inadequate eLINK documentation complements expenditure deferrals or derogations from these procedures that delay grant payments, reporting authorizations and financial exclusions. Change Information Screen: Check the “Reduction of the Maximum Grant Amount” type on the list: Change GA 2 “Type 2 – Supplementary Grant” Once the amendment has been completed (no blocking body or missing item remains to be done), you must submit the draft application to the EU representative for verification. In this stage, the relevant EU officials will check the quality and completeness of the application project. These controls may include the ethical and/or security aspects of the grant in question. At this point, the official can help prepare the change. In addition, this measure enables the activation of specific amending clauses and contractual options that can only be dealt with by EU services. Change number: as soon as the Commission has signed the amendment, a sequential change number is automatically assigned to it (1, 2, 3, etc.). For example, an amendment with reference AMD 345622-6 is assigned number 2 if it is the second signed amendment to the relevant grant agreement.

BWSR reserves the right to require a review of the work plan or an amendment to the grant agreement for changes in the scope of the resource of concern or water mass and/or a significant reduction in the initially proposed pollution reduction estimates (eLINK indicators proposals) from the grant application and/or approved work plan. The Fellow should contact his Conservationist Board to discuss changes to the initial size of the grant. With respect to the H2020 amendment policy, see Section 55 of the model grant agreement commented. Types of changes available in the grant management tool for amendments requested by the consortium The criteria used by BWSR staff to review applications to amend the grant agreement and work plan revisions include, among other things, the impact on other sections of the grant agreement. To change participation (for example. B the application for zero funding) from the newly added related beneficiary/third party, follow the recipient`s financial information processing instructions when preparing the grant that you will find here. The maximum amount of the grant should not be less than the funds paid or deposited to date. At the end of the webinar, you are ready to move forward with confidence in the preparation of your Horizon 2020 grant agreement and to effectively initiate and manage current or future changes to your Horizon 2020 projects. The amended provisions are an integral part of the agreement.

The coordinator and beneficiaries are informed of any refusals. The formal rejection letter is published in the project`s documentary library under the “My Domain” section of the promotion and tender portal. The rejected amendment is retained so that you can reuse it as a coordinator to reapply. Rejected changes are assigned to a number (p.B R1, R2). Extended time: The period may be extended on an exceptional basis, for example.B.