Trade Agreements Limited Tendering

Article 1025: definitions 1. For the purposes of this chapter: construction service contract, a contract for work or work listed in Schedule 1001.1b-3-A; “business,” a company listed in Schedule 1001.1a-1, 1001.1a-2 or 1001.1a-3; the goods of another contracting party, goods originating from the territory of another contracting party, which are determined in accordance with Article 1004; international standard: “international standard” within the meaning of Article 915 (definitions – standardised measures); Restricted tendering procedures for which a company addresses suppliers individually only under the terms of Section 1016; The local supplier includes a natural person residing in the territory of the contracting party, a business organized or established under the law of the parties, as well as a branch or representation on the territory of the contracting party; Open tendering procedures are procedures for all interested bidders to bid; A selective tendering procedure allowing suppliers invited by a company to submit an offer in accordance with Article 1011, paragraph 3; Services include construction services contracts, unless otherwise stated; “standard” standard within the meaning of section 915; Supplier, a person who has provided or could provide goods or services in response to a company`s call for tenders; Technical regulation means “technical regulation” within the meaning of section 915; technical specifications: a specification that relates to characteristics or their production processes and methods, their production methods or service characteristics, or their working methods, including applicable administrative arrangements. It may also contain or apply to requirements for terminology, symbol, packaging, labelling or labelling exclusively, as they apply to a product, process or production or exploitation method; Tenders are open tendering procedures, selective tendering procedures and limited tendering procedures. Under Schedule 1001.1a-1 As part of the selective tendering procedures, only suppliers invited by the company can submit an offer (Articles VII:3 b) and X). In order to ensure optimal international competition, purchasing companies must invite offers of the maximum number of foreign suppliers. Article VIII provides safeguards to ensure that suppliers` procedures and qualification requirements are not discriminatory. For example, all conditions for suppliers` participation in tendering procedures are limited to those that are essential to guarantee the contractual capacity of companies and which must not have a discriminatory effect. Once a year, companies applying the selective method of tendering are required to publish, in a publication in Schedule III of the agreement, their lists of qualified suppliers and to set the validity of these lists and the conditions for the registration of interested suppliers on the lists (Article IX:9). 7. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this section, when a purchasing company purchases or a combination of commercial goods or services, it may reduce the time limit set under paragraph 3 for the tender to at least 13 days, provided that it simultaneously publishes both the proposed market notice and the electronic tendering file.