Gsa Agreement Template

This model is used for all services needed to provide IT and information management (IM) information, including application development services for custom applications and custom websites. Also use it for IT/IM consulting services for qualified people to provide advice and recommend solutions on IT/IM issues. If in doubt, contact the ministry`s purchasing specialist, purchasing services, the Office of the Comptroller General for Procurement Governance or legal services. If none of the existing service contract models meets the requirement, contact legal services to create a tailored contract. The following information will help government officials develop a General Services Agreement (GSA) based on the nature of the services to be provided. Please note that GSA cannot be used for third-party service agreements (z.B. Shared Cost Arrangements). Note that the three GSA models above require legal services approval for contracts worth more than $250,000. These standard agreements can only be used for research agreements with BC universities and only for research. This can be applied to research services, studies, tests, analyses and evaluations, or even to a defined research project. Some departments also have other agreement forms that have been approved by the legal services. Examples of such agreements include akwidersates (LOA), letters of formal notice, etc. These approved contract forms are included in the department`s legal ties.

If custom contract templates are available, they may be specific to some of the services a department buys, and other models (z.B the GSA) are used for other types of services. If in doubt, contact the ministry`s purchasing specialist. The basic directive on contract models is contained in point 6.3.3.e.4 of the Basic Policy and Procedures Manual (CPPM). Financial Audit and Insurance Services Agreement Model Some departments in the province have developed their own custom service contract models in conjunction with legal services, which are specific to the types of services they typically acquire.