Collective Agreement Foreign Service

Collective agreements are, on the one hand, a union or a unit of collective agreements and, on the other hand, an employer, a company or an employer organization. 64.9.1 The Deputy Chief may, on the advice of the Head of Mission and with the agreement of the competent Interdepartmental Coordination Committee of the Foreign Service, consider that the effects are lost as a result of an emergency evacuation if the recovery has not taken place within 12 months of the officer`s departure. The labour court can therefore rule on both the application of solidarity actions and on the various elements of the collective agreement requirement, such as the limitations of wages, leave and pensions. If the assistant principal has authorized a foreign language course for a spouse or general education partner and/or a dependent member accompanying a worker on secondment, this training may inculant additional costs. In such cases, the Deputy Director may, in accordance with this directive, authorize reimbursement of actual and reasonable travel, temporary accommodation, housing, urban transport and care costs incurred on behalf of the spouse or contractor and/or dependants. 41.1.4 To determine whether a health trip is necessary subject to paragraph 41.1.1, the Assistant Director seeks, if necessary, the advice of a department head, the physician within the meaning of SDF 2 – definitions or another qualified physician. 9.3.1 An aptitude-to-service assessment, prepared by the medical service provider, must be presented to the Assistant Director with respect to any medical examination conducted in accordance with this directive. 41.7.2 Health Canada is the provider of medical services, For the purposes of paragraphs 34.6.1 a) and b), reimbursement is limited to the maximum annual amount set by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the recommendation of the Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee responsible for the External Action Service on September 1 of each year, to reflect the one-time occupancy costs on the University of Ottawa campus. When applying for protection assistance, a worker must justify actual costs and full-time care before the end of the academic year. For periods less than a full academic year, the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs sets a daily rate on the basis of the maximum annual amount.

41.1.5 When assessing the adequacy of health facilities or services, the Assistant Director must consider comparability with health care standards and the volume of professional care or services in Canada, the professional skills of physicians, the quality of post-operative care, cultural, social and political factors, and cost-effectiveness. Temporary service period refers to time spent on duty outside the service normally assigned by the service where the worker is assigned, and includes travel time from the post office to the temporary and return service. 44.1.1 A worker is entitled to the same number of specific leave with a salary per calendar year as under a collective agreement or other competent authority in Canada. 32.3.2 The corresponding proportion of workers for infants, infants or preschoolers is deducted in accordance with Schedule A, which represents the annual average of day care in Ottawa institutions, which was set on April 1 of each year by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on the recommendation of the relevant Interdepartmental Coordinating Committee of the External Action Service.