Ati Framework Agreement

The United Kingdom and Sweden have announced a joint request for funding for research and development projects D in aerospace research as part of the eureka project. If you are part of a consortium, you describe the benefits of cooperation. What are the benefits of the project in a consortium? What are the business opportunities for your project and how big is the potential market? . . This is Phase 1 of a strategic batch competition under the ATI program. There are 2 phases for each strategic batch contest. If you succeed in Phase 2, you will go to the final authorizations and under the contract. The whole process takes at least 6 months. . If you are unsure, contact legal advice. For more information, please see our general guidelines on state aid. It is your responsibility to ensure that your organization can receive state aid. Please note that this funding opportunity is hosted on the innovation finance service.

Read here: Strategic Charge of the ATI Program: Expressions of Interest November 2020 The total cost of the eligible project must be the investment cost for intangible assets and tangible assets. Any UK company applying for funding must have the right to obtain state aid if we confirm that you are receiving funding. If you are unsure, contact legal advice. For more information, check out our general guide. Decide which organizations are working with you on this project. Ask people in these organizations to help complete the app. The ATI program is open to consortia made up of different types and sizes of organizations. Consortia can be formed between industry, science and research institutes. At no time will the Project Manager of the Aerospace Technology Institute give an interim reference to the evaluation of projects on the basis of the evaluation criteria. Responsibility for the implementation and completion rests with the main candidate and his partners at all times. The ATI program represents $3.9 billion in joint government and industry investments to maintain and strengthen the UK`s competitive position in civil aerospace.

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