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A contract to purchase and sell residential real estate in Arizona is a legal document that defines the terms of interest of a buyer in purchasing a property to a person wishing to sell that property. The seller and buyer (or their lawyers) negotiate the terms of the agreement, including the purchase price, closing date, real estate condition, etc. As a general rule, the buyer is asked to make a deposit or “serious money” to ensure that the seller is serious about the transaction. Once inspections have been completed, financing (if any) has been completed and all other contingencies are completed, the parties can sign the purchase and sale agreement to complete the deal. For example, buying a new home during marriage can cause difficult questions from condominium to divorce. What if there was a separate ownership contribution? What happens if the title is held in the name of one party and not the other? What if the mortgage was held by a party solely for credit reasons? It may also have given an essential inheritance or gift from the family of one of the spouses during the marriage, the proceeds of which were used to purchase real estate or pay off a mortgage. Arizona jurisprudence will control it in the vast majority of cases, but there are often difficult legal issues and various interpretations of the law. Agreement House provides these services from our offices in Gilbert and Phoenix. “WE KNOW WE WERE NEVER AGREEABLE BUT HAD THE IDEA TO GO TO COURT… Divided privately with THE AGREEMENT HOUSE™ COURT-ALTERNATIVE™ your day in court without having to go to the courthouse.™ Now you can have your own informal mini-trial before an experienced divorce arbitrator (who is an experienced judge) – private, with or without lawyers. With the prior permission of a judge, the results are binding, just like in the ordinary divorce court, but the procedure is private and informal – it is quick and fair and you get “the day in court” without having to go to the courthouse. Click here for more information on our alternative.™ “WE`D LIKE A `CIVILIZED DIVORCE` BUT HAVE SOME SERIOUS DISAGREEMENTS… Come for mediation and we think you`ll be surprised how an experienced mediator can make deals, often through creative compromises.

Your mediation should not happen — on the contrary, you and your spouse will be in separate spaces while we offer “shuttle diplomacy,” go back and forth and work on resolutions. You have had enough conflicts; You`re at Agreement House™ for solutions, not after conflict. Your mediator will help you reach an agreement, and the good thing about mediation is that you will work together to reach an agreement that will make the most of a bad situation. The Ombudsman will write a summary of the agreement and this will serve as the basis for a divorce or documents prepared by one of our lawyers. A standard lease agreement in Arizona is a fixed-term contract between a landlord and a tenant for the use of a residential property. The tenant may be asked to provide personal data before signing the rental agreement in order to validate their credit and prove that they can pay the monthly rent. After signing, the tenant must pay the rent and the deposit of the first month to obtain the key and access to the premises. Community property law assumes that all real estate and personal property acquired during marriage are common property – meaning that the “property” is 50% owned by the husband and 50% by the wife. “Property” is not limited to homes and cars, but also includes businesses, property interest, investments, labor wages, income, savings, pension accounts, bonuses, dividends, IRA, pensions, real estate, gross land, brokerage accounts, boats, cars, art, furniture and other real estate, whether real or personal – , this includes all debts incurred during the marriage.